Namaste and welcome to Sunrise Children's Association Inc. Australia
Namaste and welcome to

SCAI aims to provide children with a safe, loving, family environment where they have the opportunity to reach their full potential, free from discrimination, violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation and poverty. We do this through three core strategies:

Tackling the problem at its source - keeping children with their families

We provide Education Scholarship Programs to hundreds of children who are at risk of being sold to traffickers, used for labour or simply sent by their families to orphanages or other types of institutions in the hope of a better life and education. Read more...

We also provide training programs at our Community Training and Development Centres for adults to develop their personal skills and become better educated, employable and earn a regular salary, also reducing the risk of children being used for labour or being sent away from their homes. Read more...

We believe Education is the most fundamental tool for reducing poverty and its many negative side effects, such as trafficking, abuse and various forms of exploitation.

Re-integrating children with their families

We aim to re-connect children who may have been trafficked or willingly sent away by their families to orphanages in Kathmandu with their families and, where possible, re-integrate them and place them under our one of our Education Scholarship Programs. Read more...

Home care for orphaned or abandoned children

Where children have been orphaned or abandoned and have no relatives that can care for them, we provide children with a safe, loving, home environment, a good education and a range of facilities and opportunities for their personal development at our home, Sunrise Orphanage. Read more...

We currently support the education of over 400 children who are living with their families through our Education Scholarship Programs, have trained over 600 adults in our Community Training Centres, have re-integrated over 35% of children in our care and currently care for 74 orphaned or abandoned children at our children’s home, Sunrise Orphanage.

For more information about SCAI and our new SCV project please download here.