Namaste and welcome to Sunrise Children's Association Inc. Australia
Bringing a brighter future to Nepal’s children in need

Thousands of children in Nepal continue to be separated from their families, as a result of trafficking or being enticed away from their families with the promise of a better life and education. Over 16,000 children reside in orphanages or other similar institutions, of which 70-80% are not orphans. Many continue to exploited, abused and denied of their basic rights.

SCAI works in partnership with local communities to help alleviate poverty amongst disadvantaged children and their families, primarily through education and livelihood support. We aim to empower families and strengthen family unity, so they can create safe, nurturing family environments, where children can develop to their full potential and become happy, healthy, independent members of their local and global community.

Tackling the problem at its source - keeping children with their families

We provide Education Scholarship Programs with family livelihood support to children at risk of being sold to traffickers, used for labour or simply enticed away from their families to orphanages or other types of institutions in the hope of a better life and education. Read more...

Returning trafficked and displaced children to their families

We re-connect children who have been trafficked or separated from their families, and where possible permanently re-integrate them back to their families. To ensure sustainability we provide Education Scholarship and family livelihood support. Read more...

Residential home care for children with no other option for family care

Where a child is unable to live with their family or in alternative care due to risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation, we provide children with a safe, loving, home environment, a good education and support for their personal development until they can be safely returned home. Read more...

SCAI provides education scholarships to almost 800 children, have re-integrated 63% of children from our child care home back to their families and currently care for 40 children at our residential child care home.