Our Structure

SCAI is run by a committee of five Australians, based in Australia and Nepal, and is monitored by a Public Fund committee of 3 Trustees based in Australia. The Public Fund was established under the rules of SCAI to receive all donations and disburse the monies in accordance with its Rules. SCAI has a wide community support base, with over 20 individual members and over 200 regular sponsors. SCAI was established as an International Non-Government Organisation (INGO) in Nepal in 2008, and is run by one Country Director. SCAI Australia and SCAI Nepal work in close partnership with its Nepalese NGO partner, to research, establish, implement, develop and monitor all projects in Nepal.

Both SCAI Nepal and its NGO partner in Nepal consult regularly with the relevant government bodies, including the Ministries of Education, Women, Children and Social Welfare, Child Welfare Board, Social Welfare Council and the District Administration, Development, Education, Child Welfare, Women’s Development and Village Development offices.