Vision and Mission


What we want for the children of Nepal

All children living a life of freedom, happiness and peace, in an environment where they are loved, valued and respected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

What We Do

We help build safe, nurturing family environments, where children can develop and actively participate in creating a bright future for themselves through providing education, training and development programs for both children, their families and their communities.

Our Values

The principles that guide everything we do:

Equality – We do not discriminate between people of any religion, gender, political preference, ethnic group or background.

Child focused – All our programs have the best interest of the children at heart and ensure their rights are realised, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Active participation – We facilitate program development with the active participation of the children and communities we are supporting so they can develop relevant skills for self sufficiency in the future as well as a greater sense of ownership and hence responsibility.

Empowerment - We encourage the individuals and communities we support to identify their needs, and contribute to developing solutions through planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes, resulting in greater impact and more valued outcomes.

Partnership – We work in close partnership with local people and/ or communities through open, honest, mutually respectful and transparent communication.

Sustainable – We facilitate positive developments that brings about permanent solutions and produces benefits in the community that is ongoing after our involvement has ceased.