Donating Materials

SCAI would greatly appreciate any of the below listed items. Many can be bought in Nepal for a considerably cheaper rate than in Australia however, so if you are visiting, you may like to buy some items in Nepal on arrival. If you have some donated or good quality second hand goods you’d like to bring over, you can generally get an excess baggage allowance from your airline by sending them a letter with the details. We do not recommend posting anything to Nepal as the postal system can take a very long time, be costly at both ends and unreliable. Occasionally we are able to get visitors or volunteers to carry donated goods over for us, but we cannot guarantee when or how regularly, and most often they are bringing their own goods they have collected.


Books (new or good quality second hand), educational materials for children, teaching materials for teachers and laptop computers.


Savlon, headlice treatment, any other goods specialised to western countries that may be of use in a First Aid Kit.


New or good quality second hand clothing and shoes for 3 to 18 years for boys and girls.


Sporting equipment - Soccer balls, soccer boots/clothing, volleyballs, basketballs, badminton, table tennis bats/balls, tennis balls, rubber balls, caramboard, other sporting equipment, skipping ropes, hula hoops, kites.

Toys - jigsaw puzzles, board games, cards (uno), dolls, figurines, lego, toy cars etc.  Toys that are safe and can be washed are preferred. Art/craft – can be bought in Nepal or from the $2/Discount dazzler type stores in Australia.

Training Programs

Computing - Desktop computers and laptops, computer training manuals, educational software, anti-virus software, USB sticks, blank DVD’s, mousepads.

Music/Dance/Singing – DVD/CD/MP3 player, speakers, microphone, recording equipment, digital camera, video camera, musical instruments (keyboard, madal, tabla, flutes, guitars, violin – there are Nepalese versions of these which can be bought in Nepal very cheaply)

Thanka painting - oil paints, paintbrushes, metal thanka frames, cloth, thread (these materials can be bought in Nepal relatively cheaply)

Outreach Program – digital cameras, hand held tape recorders for interviews, notebooks, pens, backpacks, folders.

All donations of goods will be examined by a member of the staff prior to distribution to the children. If you have any queries regarding whether something you would like to donate is appropriate or not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support !