Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child at Sunrise Home for only AUD$46 per month which will go towards his/her basic necessities such as food, education, medical care, clothing, shelter, carers and other household needs. Every child at Sunrise Home has 2 sponsors who cover these expenses, however there are always additional, sometimes unexpected expenses such as emergency medical expenses, eye and dental checks and treatment, outreach and extra-curricular training programs and other general needs. So we are often in need of additional general monthly sponsors to cover these ad-hoc expenses which may be incurred by one child (e.g. we had one boy in intensive care for 3 weeks last year), a group of children or all of the children. You can become a general monthly sponsor for AUD$46 per month.

As a monthly sponsor you will receive a sponsorship card, updated annually, quarterly newsletter updates, ad-hoc updates such as exam results, and a hand-made Xmas card from your child or children. And you are more than welcome to write to the children or visit any time.

*Please note, child sponsorships are limited to the number of children at the Sunrise Home, so please contact emma@scai.org.au to find out if a child is available to sponsor or click here to set up your general monthly sponsorship.