SCAI Earthquake Relief

Since Nepal was hit by a an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on 25th April 2015, which devastated thousands of families and destroyed many homes and schools, SCAI has been actively working to provide the following relief:

The promise of a good education provided by a so called “orphanage” in city centres such as Kathmandu is the #1 reason why children are enticed away from their families in rural villages. Many do not end up receiving the education they are promised, but are used by corrupt so called “orphanage” owners to beg, say they are orphans to gain the pity and support of well-meaning but unknowing foreigners, and in some cases end up being sold into brothels and other forms of child labour in India and Nepal.

It is estimated by Unicef that around 80% of children in so called “orphanages” are NOT orphans and do not need to be there. Help us prevent this rate increasing at this particularly vulnerable time by providing education for children in their own villages and not supporting children to go to orphanages.

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