Education Scholarship Programs

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we strongly believe that being with one's biological family wherever possible is a vitally important factor in a child’s well being and healthy development. Due to extreme poverty and various social, economic and political issues such as the recent decade long civil war, thousands of families have been enticed to sell their their children to traffickers, use them as labour or send them to orphanages or other children's homes in Kathmandu, predominantly for a better life and good education. The result is that many children unnecessarily lose contact with their families often for several years and in some cases permanently. Our Education Scholarship Programs were established to help reduce this trend.

Through these programs, which span Kathmandu and several villages across 5 other districts, we provide:

We have found these programs have helped the parents become more aware of the risks facing their children and have developed a greater appreciation for their child's education. Seeing their child's positive development has also prompted many wider family members to take on a more positive attitude to life and sense of family stability. The end result is that the sponsored children are more motivated, have greater confidence and direction for their future.

We sponsor almost 500 children who are living with their relatives through our Education Scholarship Programs, which provide vital support for the family and thereby dramatically reducing the likelihood of unnecessary separation of children from their biological family.

There are thousands of children in need of an education, and who are still at risk of exploitation.