Reintegration Programs

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we strongly believe that being with one's biological family wherever possible is a vitally important factor in a child’s physical and psychological well-being and healthy development.

Children have come to Sunrise’s residential child care home through group emergency rescues and individually, and in all cases we aim to at least re-connect them with their immediate families or wider circle or relatives if they do not have immediate family.

Following that, we encourage regular contact and after establishing their home environment is safe, start by sending them to their homes for visits during school and festival holidays whenever possible. This helps both the child and family re-familiarise themselves with each other and strengthen family bonds.

When it is determined the family are willing to take the child back, the child is happy to go and we are satisfied that the environment to which they are going is in their best interest, that is, their basic needs will be provided for and the environment is safe, with approval from the relevant government bodies, the children are returned to their families. These may be a parents or parents, a grandparent, older sibling or other relatives who are willing to care for the child.

The major reason that children are trafficked or enticed away from their homes is primarily for a better education. We have therefore found that it helps minimise pressure on the families and hence helps a smoother reintegration when we continue to sponsor the education of the child, ad if necessary provide some additional family support. See Education Scholarship Programs.

Most of the reintegrated children remain in close contact with their Sunrise family and return to visit on special occasions. Those that are within an hour or so of Kathmandu also continue to actively participate in our social work programs in various communities.