Sunrise Residential Child Care Home

This was our first project in Nepal, established in July 2005, in response to a need for a safe, loving, home for many orphaned and abandoned children who were living in corrupt and abusive orphanages in Kathmandu. Many of the children in these orphanages were not orphaned but had either been enticed by traffickers or willingly sent away by their families to Kathmandu to escape the maoist conflict in their villages or simply in the hope of a better life and education.

With children that have come to Sunrise from these orphanages through emergency rescues by the Nepal government, and have families that could potentially care for them, we firstly aim to re-connect them with their families. The next step is to try and re-integrate them fully and as part of this process, we agree to provide ongoing support for their education through our Community Education Scholarship Programs.

So far we have re-connected nearly all of the children living at Sunrise with relatives. We encourage regular phone contact and visite to their villages to re-establish relationships, and over time and when in the best interest of the child, re-integrate them back to their families or communities.

In addition, almost 50% of the children Sunrise has cared for have been successfully re-integrated with their families.

The Central Child Welfare Board of Nepal estimates there are still almost 200 orphanages where children are living in far less than satisfactory conditions and that over 85% of children are not real orphans. The child authorities are still in the process of rescuing children from these types of institutions, with the hope of placing them in temporary care and where ever possible, returning them to their families.

SCAI believes that children rescued should be housed separately in a transit home while every effort is made to trace their families, then only after exhausting options for safe re-integration with their families, move them into long term care at our loving, supportive residential child care home which as closely as possible resembles a natural family environment.

SCAI works hard to follow the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and ensure that we meet the Government of Nepal’s Standards for the Operation and Management of Child Care Residential Homes, UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and the Save the Children’s Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.

Our residential child care home provides children with the following care, facilities and opportunities:

We also provide all children with the following facilities, which in combination with the above, will give them every opportunity to reach their full potential and turn their dreams into their reality:

Basic care

Education and Training Graduate Development Program

To help transition the youths into an independent life after attaining their School Leaving Certificate (SLC i.e. year 10), we aim to provide them with three levels of assistance;

This assistance is for youth in the Transition Home as well as those in the Reintegration Program or Education Scholarship Programs.