Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Empowerment Program is aimed at empowering youths across all our programs so that they are equipped to become happy, healthy, independent, socially responsible members of the community.

The program includes:

Education and Training – The program focuses on students who have completed their SLC, but some of the workshops are also open to year 8 and 9 students. For the few months while waiting for SLC results to come out, the youth are given the opportunity to undertake a short vocational training course or bridging courses, that will prepare them either for longer term vocational training courses, diploma’s or college, and also give them some practical skills to help them get a part time job. With an unemployment rate of close to 50%, education and training are vitally important.

Career guidance and Counselling – The youth receive a lot of dedicated attention in these important months when it’s time to start choosing what paths they want to pursue in the future. We encourage them to not only look at their academic results, but also to think about their personality, what hobbies they enjoy and their passions, what type in environment they like to be in, are they more left or right brained, and where they plan to live in the future (and hence what sort of jobs are feasible there). We also guide them on health and nutrition, first aid and other basic life skills.

We also run career guidance workshops and counselling sessions, where expertise from a wide variety of sectors come and share their knowledge and experience of what various jobs within that sector entail, what skills and qualifications are required, inspirational stories and tips on how the youth can get ahead. Topics include finance/accounting, social sciences/ social work, nursing and various other medical options such as psychology, lab technician, IT, web design, graphic design, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Chef, engineering, electrical, plumbing, architecture, business/entrepreneurship, forestry/agriculture, secretarial and more.

Work Experience – It can be very difficult to have a clear direction at such a young age, so we help our youth organize work experience placements in various places to help them decide.

Volunteering – Volunteering is also a wonderful way for the youth to broaden their horizons, meet new people, try and experience new things, develop new skills and gain confidence, as well as making them socially responsible and more aware of the world around them.

Living support – If the youth do not have immediate family to live with after school, we help establish them in small flats with siblings, friends or other relatives. We help them set up their room with basic furnishings and give them guidance on shopping, budgeting and household management. We then continue to provide them a basic allowance for rent and food and other basic needs, until they finish their further education.