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Educating and empowering children and their families to help free them from poverty, abuse and neglect

Thousands of children in Nepal continue to be separated from their families because of trafficking or being enticed away with the promise of a better life and education. Over 11,0001 children reside in orphanages or similar institutions, of which up to 85%2 are not orphans. Thousands more work as child labourer’s or are forced into early marriage. Many continue to be exploited, abused and denied of their basic rights. Poverty and a lack of education are root causes of these issues.

SCAI was established in 2005 to help address these issues and help children and their families create brighter futures. Our projects are designed to strengthen and empower families, help break the poverty cycle and bring about lasting change. We do this through working in close partnership with local communities to identify and address the root causes of the issues and using a holistic, sustainable model of support.

1. National Child Rights Council Nepal 2021 2. UNICEF

Our Programs

SCAI provides uniforms, fees, school materials, psycho-social counselling, child protection and capacity building activities, and income generation support.

SCAI helps families improve their livelihoods, through sustainable small business and skill development training, and microlending initiatives.

SCAI traces families and reintegrates separated children back into their families and communities with ongoing education and other support.

SCAI provides abandoned, abused and severely neglected children a temporary safe, nurturing home until they can be safely reintegrated back into their families and communities.

Our Impact


Education scholarships


School graduates


Families with livelihood development support


Children reintegrated back into family (87%)


Rescued children cared for at Sunrise Home

Our Work in Action

Our programs are child-focused, inclusive and empowering, to give the children and their families a sense of agency, of their own power to make a positive difference to their lives.

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Every child deserves a bright future. Your donation can help free children in Nepal from poverty, abuse and neglect, and provide them with access to education and a safe family environment. Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

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