Celebrate your birthday with Sunrise!

Whether you are one of those people who loves celebrating your birthday with a bash, or someone who prefers a quiet affair, you can use your special day to give a special gift to the children Sunrise supports in Nepal.

Winter is upon us in Nepal, and for less than AUD$10 you can buy a warm woollen sweater to keep a child warm at school.

If you would like to participate, in the days/weeks leading up to your big day (or at a birthday celebration itself!), you can simply ask your friends or family to buy a child a sweater (or a few!) in celebration of your birthday!

It’s a win-win-win; you feel good, they feel good and the children who receive the sweaters feel good AND warm, making it much easier for them to study in their cold mountainous homes.

How does it work?

Simply put a post on social media, send out an email, or set up a crowdfunding page of your choice. Setting a target always helps e.g $100 for $10 sweaters, $1000 for 100 sweaters! Direct donations can be made to www.givenow.com.au/sunrisechildrensassociation.

Thank you very much to our supporters who celebrated their birthdays with Sunrise in November so far!

Anna and Peter Every, November 2020                     Kym Purling, November 2020


*Pictures of the sweaters we are able to purchase with the donations from their friends and family coming soon!