Community School Development Program

Parents and the family environment is usually the greatest influence on children so, in addition to educating children, we believe it is important to encourage the children’s parents and other adults within the family and community to develop their personal skills and become better educated, employable and earn a regular salary. This reduces the risk of children being sent away from their homes, used for labour or exploited in other ways. It also results in an improved standard of living for the family and improved physical and emotional support for the child.

The centres are developed in line with the needs of the local community. Currently we provide training in sewing for the families of the children we support in the Kalimati slums. We have found that in addition to developing their skills, the centres provide a place for women to gain emotional support through being able to communicate with other women in similar situations. This has resulted in greater confidence, increased self esteem and a more positive attitude to life and their future.

Read about how our in conjunction with these centres, our Education Scholarship Programs help combat poverty and its negative side effects.

We have provided training to over 650 students since opening our first centre in October 2008.

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