Community School

After buying land in Gurje, Nuwakot in 2012, we established a partnership with the local government school Kalika Devi. At that time Kalika Devi only ran classes in Nepali Curriculum from class 1 to 8. In the first year we built 3 new classrooms to enable students to complete their SLC (School Leaving Certificate) at Kalika Devi rather than dropping out after year 8 or having to move to Kathmandu.

After moving our child care home from a rented property in Kathmandu to a purpose built home in Gurje, Nuwakot in 2013, we transferred the school to a Community Managed School and built a whole new English block, employed numerous new teachers and established Nursery to Class 10 in English curriculum.

Today, children from Gurje and the surrounding villages attend either the Nepali block for English block, dependent on their needs, along with the children from Sunrise’s child care home.

Together the school and child care home make up Sunrise Children’s Village, a child friendly community where children can be involved in a range of educational and extra-curricular activities, designed to help them reach their full potential as happy independent adults.