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Events in Nepal

Sunrise Mountain Challenge 2019, Nepal

From the 24-30th September, 9 graduate youth from our reintegration and other education scholarship programs will be undertaking a 7-day challenge to help raise funds for 81 highly vulnerable young children who have been supported with education scholarships by SCAI for the past 3 years. Many families have made healthy progress (now generally earning $50-$150/month) but they still have a way to go to be able to care for their children fully themselves.

These 9 inspiring youth know what its like to struggle for their basic needs and then be separated from their families, so they’re determined to help SCAI support these children and their families for at least 2 more years, to give their families a chance to generate more regular income.

Not being able to afford basic needs such as food, clothing, medical care or their education, means the children are at much higher risk of being trafficked, sent away from their family to live in an orphanage/children’s home, out to earn money for the family, or into early marriage to relieve the families financial burden.
The youth have commenced their challenge, trekking through rough, steep, remote, mountainous terrain, which will take them to an altitude of 4380m. Day 1  was long, 14 hours, with heavy rains, leeches and some very sore legs but they are still smiling!
Please support their efforts and help us continue sponsoring these 81 children for a minimum of 2 more years by donating via
Thank you for your support!

Events in Australia

We are deeply grateful for everyone who has supported our past events to raise funds for SCAI and our work in Nepal. They have all been wonderful collaborative efforts by volunteers, guests, sponsors and those who donated wine, entertainment and a range of great live and silent auction items. We would sincerely like to thank those people so dedicated to our cause.

Painting Brighter Futures for the Children of Sunrise, Adelaide, February 2019

This new concept for SCAI, was a unique evening, where guests unleashed their creative side whilst unwinding over some vino, canapes and painting under the guidance of the ‘Studio Vino’ team. Some guests chose to paint their partner, some their pets or something else close to their heart, bringing much entertainment to the artists and their muses alike. Others simply observed the budding artists at work, browsed the Nepalese market, had their caricatures drawn or just relaxed and mingled.

Finding Answers for the Children of Sunrise, Melbourne, February 2019

This fun filled evening of trivia and entertainment was another new concept for SCAI, which proved to be hugely popular, selling out more than a week before the event! Guests challenged their brains and had many laughs, enjoyed delicious pizzas, a lively Nepalese market and lots of great live and silent auction items.

The 2019 events raised almost $25,000 with proceeds going towards one of our new Education Scholarship programs.

‘Dining at Sunset, Building Hope at Sunrise’ Dinner series, 2009-2012

SCAI ran a series of fantastic annual dinners, where up to 350 guests danced the night away to the upbeat tunes from our professional DJ’s, after enjoying delicious 3-course dinners, premium wines, a lively Nepalese market, a wine wall, dance performances and great live and silent auctions.

The 2012 event, held on the 1st September at Walford Anglican School for Girls, raised just over $50,000 profit, with funds going to complete our child care home for children rescued from corrupt abusive orphanages and other high risk or abusive situations.

The 2011 events were held in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, with over $220,000 being raised across the 3 events.

The 2010 event in Adelaide set the all time record for a single event, raising just over $135,000! Along with proceeds from the previous year and some savings, this enabled us to buy land to build a new school block for our community school and the child care home which was completed in 2012.

2009 saw the 2nd event held in Melbourne and the 1st ever in Adelaide, and what a great start, with just over $70,000 being raised across the two events.

Between 2005 and 2008, SCAI held a variety of events in Sydney and Melbourne, including trivia nights and a special Mothers’ Day Celebration, which attracted a crowd of 450 people!