Governance, Accountability and Financials

Structure of SCAI Australia

SCAI is an incorporated association, incorporated under the South Australia Association Incorporations Act 1985, and registered as a charity under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

SCAI is governed by a Management Committee of five professionals, who regularly review SCAI’s mission, resources, financial position, policies, compliance with legal requirements and activities to ensure they support its charitable purpose.

SCAI was endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient in 2010, enabling donations donations $2 and over to be tax deductible in Australia. All gifts and deductible contributions made for our charitable purpose are held in a separate Public Fund, administered by three independent Public Fund Trustees.

Transparency and Accountability  

SCAI has worked hard over several years to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability, which has been vital in gaining the trust of our donors and stakeholders in Australia and Nepal.

Accountability and Transparency to Members

SCAI is accountable to its members through its Annual General Meeting, financial reports and other updates. We welcome feedback and queries and learn from our experience. SCAI has clear roles and responsibilities for the committee and other responsible persons, including for appointment, and disclosing and managing any potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

Accountability and Transparency in Nepal

SCAI understands there are risks when operating overseas, and as such, SCAI takes steps to safeguard its funds, assets, staff, and beneficiaries. SCAI has a dedicated team on the ground in Nepal, who monitor and evaluate our projects to ensure they are being implemented in accordance with our Project Agreement and to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and impact. SCAI is careful in choosing its local partners and staff, and has strong policies, processes and controls in place in Australia and Nepal to mitigate any risks. 

Financial, Donor and Social Audits

Qualified auditors conduct financial audits of SCAI Australia, SCAI Nepal and our NGO partners in Nepal on an annual basis.  In addition to these financial audits, separate donor audits are undertaken twice a year for our three NGO partners, which are very comprehensive assessments of financial management, administrative processes and recordkeeping. SCAI and its NGO partners also conduct social audits, where our team presents financial and project reports to key stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Progress Reports

SCAI also meets with and presents a progress report to the Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Central Child Welfare Board, National Planning Commission, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration on a bi-annual basis and takes on board valuable feedback.

Annual Reports 

Audited Financial Statements

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SCAI strives to keep operating and administration costs in Australia and Nepal to a minimum, to maximize the impact of our funding, whilst ensuring we have the right support structures in place for our teams on the ground. SCAI welcomes any queries about SCAI Australia, our project work in Nepal or how funds are distributed at

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