Make a Donation

Join our awesome team of donors and help bring brighter futures to children in Nepal, starting today!

As a donor you can:

  • Help us rescue, care for and reunite children with their families
  • Educate and empower children and their families through education and income generation support to prevent unnecessary separation
  • Help provide children safe, nurturing homes

Every dollar goes a long way in Nepal. Here are just a few examples of the impact your donation can make through one of our programs:

  • $20 can buy casual clothing for one child
  • $30 can buy school stationery for one child for a year
  • $40 can buy a school uniform (shirt, skirt/pants, sweater, shoes and bag)
  • $60 can buy crop seeds to help a family generate income
  • $100 can buy a female goat to help a family generate income
  • $180 can help provide a child’s family with training and a loan to help start their new small business
  • $500 can fund Small Business training for 50 families
  • $750 can fund a child to go on to a 2 year college course in Science, Management, Education or Humanities
  • $4300 can fund a child to go on to a 3 year diploma in Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab Technician, Health Assistant or Civil Engineering

The above costs are averages and vary depending on the children’s class level, age, size, school/ college and geographic location.

We have various programs needing your support, so unless you inform us which specific program you’d like it to go towards, we will use your donation for the project it is needed most at the time. All our work is valuable, so rest assured it will help make a difference wherever it goes!

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Please contact if you have any questions about where your money goes or how we deliver our programs.