Our children’s stories

If you are like us, you love inspiring stories. SCAI has supported over 1200 children through school and college, with over 150 graduating so far. Many have gone on to study further themselves, gain employment or both. The children come from very challenging backgrounds, and show that anything is possible with a positive attitude and a bit of help. With their permission, we would like to share a few of the children’s stories here. See “Where Are They Now” to see what many more of our graduates are doing now!

Maya lost both parents when she was a baby, followed by her beloved grandfather who had become her guardian. She studied hard and passed her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in high first Division in 2014, then completed Science at college in 2016 after winning a scholarship to a well renowned college in Kathmandu. Since graduating, she has undertaken a computing course, taught in a private school for two and a half years and provided after-school tuition to her students who needed extra help. Maya has been living with her older sister, niece and nephew and her older brother Lal, who also graduated from year 12 and went on to become a chef. Lal has recently opened his own guesthouse in Kathmandu.

Maya has recently taken the brave leap to follow her dream and has just started her own calligraphy centre in Kathmandu, which is doing very well so far.

Maya started own calligraphy centre/teacher

Ganesh is now 21 years old and originally from a remote village in Humla. He passed his SLC in first division in 2014 and completed a 3-year Diploma Health Assistant in 2017. Since graduating he has kept himself busy and gained as much experience as possible: he spent almost six months volunteering as an assistant to a doctor, worked as a secondary level English teacher, and is now working in a health clinic. He is preparing for the Public Service Commission exam and applying for health projects in Nepal. He is serving as a Club Secretary for Sunrise Youth Club (SYC), a youth-led platform for personal development. He has always been active in volunteering in the community, and a strong sense of responsibility to help those less fortunate.

Ganesh plans to return to his home village and help improve the very poor standard of health care and develop his local community.

Ganesh health worker (Health Assistant Diploma graduate)

Lasang, now 24 years old, passed her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in 2013 in high first Division, then completed Science at college in 2015. Following that, she devoted 3 years to volunteering in a monastery. During that time, she also gave tuition classes and studied Chinese, which she is still doing now. Further to her studies in Chinese, she is also now undertaking a Bachelor in Social Work.

Sudha, now 20 years old, also passed her SLC in high first division, and just completed a 3-year Diploma in PCL Nursing. She was recently certified as a Registered Staff Nurse after passing her exams, and despite being one of hundreds of graduates each year, Sudha managed to get herself a job straight away in a private hospital in Kathmandu. It is encouraging to see both girls giving back to the community in such meaningful ways.

Siblings Lasang and Sudha Bachelor student and nurse

After losing his legs from the knees down when he was just about to enter his teenage years, Pasang, now 25 years old, passed his School Leaving Certificate in 2011 in first Division. He then completed two years of Management at college in 2013, majoring in computer science. Since then he has been working as a teacher and in the school accounts department in SCAI’s local community school. He is now married to another lovely young teacher and they have a 3-year old son.

Pasang has also been giving after-school tuition to the children at Sunrise Transition home and is now caring for and supporting his younger siblings.

Pasang teacher, husband and father

Marium, now 21 years old, passed her School Leaving Certificate in high second division in 2015, and then completed Education at college with major in English in first division in 2017. Embarking on her dream to become a dance teacher, the very talented dancer took dance classes for six months after graduating. To get herself on her feet financially, she started working as a teacher in a boarding school whilst studying a Bachelor of Education at university and continues to do both

In addition, Marium is now full time guardian of her younger siblings.

Marium Bachelor student and teacher

Saugat, now 24 years, has always been a bundle of energy. His father passed away when he was quite young and his mother suffers from a mental health condition, so he did not receive any support from his biological family. Despite this, he passed his School Leaving Certificate in 2012 with a distinction, and then successfully completed Science at college in 2014. He then returned to his village and has been working there as a teacher since. He has taken on the responsibility of full-time carer for his younger sister, who is now in college, and his mother who is unable to work or provide for the family.

In addition to working full time and caring for his family, he has been studying for his bachelor degree, which he will complete this year.

Saugat Bachelor student and teacher

Palsen, now 23 years old, is another of our bright, bubbly and accomplished graduates, with a talent for singing. Since passing her School Leaving Certificate in 2013 in first division, then Management at college in 2015, she has been working at organic food cafes whipping up all sorts of masterpieces. She has been active in volunteer activities and in line with her kind heart, she has been undertaking a bachelor in Social Work, majoring in music, which she has almost completed. Through her work she has been able to significantly help her family, and continues to have a very bright positive attitude to life.

Palsen Bachelor student in an organic food cafe

Ashish, now 22 years, passed his School Leaving Certificate in 2013 in first division, then Management at college in 2015. He then worked in sales and took dance classes in Nepal before going to Japan in 2017. He studied Japanese language while working part time and became proficient enough in a short space of time that he recently completed a one year course in Social Work – in Japanese! He is planning to go on to further study and continue with part time work.

Ashish Japanese and social work in Japan