Our Vision, Mission & Values


What we see for the children of Nepal

All children growing up in a safe, nurturing family environment, where they are loved, valued and respected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential, free from poverty, abuse and neglect.

Our Mission

What We Do

We prevent trafficking and unnecessary separation of vulnerable children from their families, through empowering them with education, training and livelihood development support.

Our Values

The principles that guide everything we do:

Non-discrimination – We do not discriminate against children or their families based on any factors including religion, gender, physical characteristics, language, culture, political preference, opinion, ethnic group or background.

Child focused – All our programs have the best interest of the children at heart and aim to ensure their rights are realised and they are given the chance to develop according to their individual capacity.

Active participation – We encourage youth and their families to participate in decisions that affect them and take on active roles within their communities to help bring about positive change.

Empowerment – We help children and their families build confidence, skills and resources to help them take control of their lives, develop independence and long-term economic security.

Partnership – We take a community led approach and work collaboratively with the children, families and community members to minimise risk and maximise resources, accountability, inclusiveness, efficiencies, effectiveness and impact.

Sustainability – We provide training and support to help families develop the skills needed to strengthen their economic situation and bring positive change to their families and communities, which will be ongoing after our involvement has ended.