Partners and Supporters

SCAI’s partners in Nepal who we work with to implement our projects, and our supporters who fund our work, enable us to achieve what we do. Quite simply we couldn’t do it without them!

Project Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to have a very dedicated group of sponsors, many who have been on board for several years. SCAI receives no government funding, so we rely solely on the generous support of individuals to fund our projects and the teams that make it all happen.

Our sponsors are ordinary people, but their incredible commitment to SCAI and our work makes them extraordinary in our eyes. We would like to thank in particular the following very generous sponsors who have donated between $50,000 and $450,000 each so far.

  • Kathmandu Kids, Australia
  • ME Digital Group (for, Dubai
  • Geoff Sam, Australia
  • Paul Hameister, Australia
  • Ryan Hill, UK
  • Cody Family, UK
  • Große für Kleine Kinderfonds Foundation, Germany
  • HDEF, Australia
  • Count Foundation, Australia
  • Angus Sobels, Australia
  • Those donors that prefer to remain anonymous

We love the community-based approach of SCAI as they undertake assessment and planning before finalizing the program structure, to ensure key activities address needs of local people. They report and work with us on how they are going to spend the money to gain the highest impact for the communities and children. The committee of Kathmandu Kids have visited Nepal 4 times and seen the strong relationship SCAI has with their NGO partners and beneficiaries, and the impact of the project work first hand. –  Kathmandu Kids

It is not only the amount of funding that we appreciate, but also the commitment to our cause, so we would also like to thank the 70+ sponsors who have been donating on a monthly basis for over 10 years now, and the many more that come close to that.

One off Donations and Fundraising Challenges

Some amazing friends have undertaken some rather adventurous challenges to raise funds and we are not only in awe of the feats but are extremely grateful for such generosity. Read more

Some amazing friends have done talks about our work, held morning teas, dress up days, coin donation programs at schools, musical concerts and various other initiatives.

$30 can buy stationary for 1 child for 1 year, so it is the collaborative contributions from the smallest to the largest that makes it all possible!

Event Sponsors and Volunteers

We are grateful to everyone that has supported our fundraising events over the years, from providing goods for the live and silent auctions and various prizes, to the catering and drinks, to the volunteers who help pull these events together. For our 2019 events we’d particularly like to thank:

“Painting Brighter Futures for the Children of Sunrise”, Adelaide 2019

“Finding Answers for the Children of Sunrise” Trivia Night, Melbourne 2019