Sponsor a Child

Your support changes lives! Help bring brighter futures to children in Nepal, starting today!

By setting up a monthly contribution, you can follow the progress of a particular child at Sunrise Home or make a general monthly contribution which will contribute to any child not sponsored, or general expenses for the children. Contact us for details about how to sponsor a child.

As a sponsor, you can:

  • Help us rescue children from situations of high risk, abuse and neglect
  • Enable us to provide children who have been rescued or are at high risk of abuse and neglect a temporary nurturing home at Sunrise Home
  • Provide ongoing support for the children to enable them to be reintegrated back into immediate or extended family

“The SCAI team is the real deal. SCAI is committed to tackling intergenerational poverty through programs that educate and empower whole families.  I had the benefit of seeing it for myself when I visited Nepal 10 years ago and spent a month with the SCAI family. I was connected to SCAI as a sponsor of a child and trusted that the team were taking great care of him at a time when there were no other safe options. I could quickly see the power of SCAI’s work, and that appreciation only deepened after spending time with the women in the skills-based training program and meeting various kids who benefited from the education scholarships. Seeing my sponsor child grow, develop, be educated, become independent, go on to help support his family and find meaningful work, has been a very rewarding experience. That’s why, 10 years on, my family and I are committed to supporting SCAI’s work.” – Emilia Michael

For $46 per month you can help us to provide:

Sunrise Home

  • Basic needs such food, medical care, clothing, shelter and other household needs
  • Education at their local school, including uniforms, bags, shoes, school materials and fees
  • Various training and capacity building activities, and other support that contributes to their overall development and prepares them for the future
  • Dedicated live-in caregivers
  • Counselling and regular monitoring support
  • Family tracing
Reintegrated children
  • Regular monitoring and counselling support
  • Rent, food and other basic assistance for teenagers in kinship care or extended family
  • Various training and capacity building activities, such as career counselling, life skill training and peer education training
  • Other support that contributes to their overall development and prepares them for the future

SCAI gladly accepts monthly or one off donations of any amount. Any funds not needed for the children we currently support, will be used to support newly rescued children.

The more sponsors we have, the more children we can rescue and provide a nurturing family home for, either through strengthening the capacity of their own family networks or where that is not possible, temporarily at Sunrise home.

The actual cost per child in any program varies depending on their class level, age, size, school/college, course and what level of support they need. Funds are pooled together and used to cover all expenses, to ensure children don’t miss out due to a lack of sufficient individual sponsors.

As a monthly sponsor you will receive:

  • An annual sponsorship card with an updated photo and news of your child and their progress
  • A card or letter from your sponsored child updating you with their news
  • Newsletters and ad-hoc updates such as exam results
  • First hand information from our team if you have any queries about your child or would like to know more

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible within Australia.

Please contact us if you have any questions about where your money goes or how we deliver our programs. Child sponsorships will operate in accordance with our Child Protection Policy.

Make A Difference Today

Thousands of children in Nepal continue to be separated from their families due to trafficking or being enticed away with the promise of a better life and education. Thousands still live in orphanages despite having families, work as child labourer’s or enter into early marriage.

Help us prevent separation and exploitation of vulnerable children and reunite separated children with their families.