Emma Taylor

Emma completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in 1993, and worked in Australia and overseas for ten years in various advertising/media agencies, primarily as a Media Strategist. Emma first visited Nepal in February 2004, volunteering for a period of three months in a very poorly run orphanage. Inspired by the spirit of the children and a desire to protect these and other vulnerable children in Nepal, she returned shortly after and established SCAI as an INGO, and began work with friend Sangita Bhandari and the NGO partner team who shared her vision of all children living a life of freedon, happiness and peace, in a family environment where they are loved, cared for, respected and valued.

Emma has dedicated an incredible amount of time and energy into the development of Sunrise and has a very close relationship with the staff and children SCAI supports. Emma lives in Nepal to be with the children on a full time basis, enabling her to fulfil her role as ‘Aamaa’ (meaning ‘mother’), ‘Didi’ (‘big sister’) and ‘Saathi’ (‘friend’). Emma’s Nepali name is “Maya” which means “love”, given to her by the local community and representative of her love and dedication.

Emma works full time, actively facilitating the development of all of SCAI’s projects in Nepal in the role of Country Director of SCAI Nepal.