Sunrise Home

SCAI provides temporary family-based care for children who have been rescued from corrupt, abusive orphanages or other similar institutions in emergency rescues, or children from other high-risk or abusive situations

Every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing family environment, to be loved, cared for and protected. Unfortunately, not every child has this opportunity within their own biological family, due to lost family members, lost connections or the family posing a significant risk to the child.

If a child has no living family that can be found, or the child has been beaten, abused or neglected as some of the children had been before coming to us, it is our responsibility to provide them with a loving home. We must always try however, to find long-term solutions, whether that be a foster family or rehabilitation or other forms of support for family members.” – Emma 

How our support helps

By providing the children’s basic physiological and safety needs, as well as a sense of love and belonging, we provide a foundation for them to develop self esteem, confidence, respect, gain an education and work towards reaching their full potential. The various activities and support for the personal development help equips them for life back in their communities.

What support we provide

A safe secure, home

SCAI built Sunrise home on almost 1.5 acres of land bought by SCAI, using Rat Trap Bond walling for better insulation and with an earthquake resistant design. There are four light, spacious self-contained flats, each with 2 bedrooms, a live-in carer’s room and open-plan kitchen, dining, study and recreation area. The flats are located in a beautiful, clean, green, natural village setting just outside of the Kathmandu valley.

Quality care

We provide the children with a well-balanced diet, clean water, clothing, medical care, a good education at the local community school (also sponsored by SCAI), a range of activities for their personal development, counselling and other psychosocial support. We provide a high ratio of carers to children, with all carers living in full time. The tuition teacher, counsellor and medical staff come on a part time basis.

Skill development

The children learn important skills for their future, through participating in household chores that resemble a typical Nepalese family home environment, including cooking which is very much a family time for talking, sharing and bonding. The children learn how to grow their own crops and milk their own cows, and they then get to enjoy the fruits of their labour!

Extracurricular activities and life skills

The children can expand their academic knowledge through the in-house library, games, arts and crafts, music, singing, dance, sports, field trips, picnics and learning various skills including basic housekeeping, hygiene, health, nutrition, first aid, basic safety and fire and earthquake training.

Those in their teens undertake formal Life Skills training, which helps them understand themselves, their relationships, handle conflict and make appropriate decisions for their daily life and future.

Family reconnection and reunification

Until May 2019, all except two of the sixteen children living in the home were in contact with immediate or extended family. In June 2019, a further 19 children joined the home after being rescued from an illegal children’s home and the search for their families has begun.

We encourage regular phone contact and visits from children’s relatives, and trips to their home communities to re-establish relationships with neighbours and local support networks and to learn about the local customs and ways of life in their home community.

There are now 13 children living in Sunrise Home. 87% of children in our care since 2005 had been reintegrated back into family.

SCAI monitors children’s families and potential care situation closely and provides medical treatment and other rehabilitation support for family members, so the children can be safely reintegrated as soon as possible.

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